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Comprehensive Mobile Phone Security

You're always on the move. Why leave your security behind? Protect your mobile phone with security that's in sync with today's on-the-go lifestyle. Protect your kids and your identity against mobile threats. Whether you have Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android, or Blackberry, CA Mobile Security is the only security solution you need for your smart phone.

• Email Monitoring
• SMS/MMS Monitoring
• Anti-Virus Plus, Anti-Spyware
• Stealth Protection

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The solution for complete protection against theft, viruses & spyware with powerful protection and monitoring tools to keep your children safe and secure. With internet capable mobile devices outselling personal computers and a growing number of third party applications available for use, the environment is primed for exploitation of these devices. Researchers have proven that it is relatively easy to infect any smartphone with malware. Smartphones are now being exploited to transmit malware and viruses to other devices & computers via USB cables as well as steal information stored on the device. They could be transmitted via Bluetooth, IR beaming, SMS text messaging, malicious Web sites, and e-mail attachments.

Malware is being developed to exploit mobile devices at an alarming rate. These applications have been known to cause a wide range of problems ranging from draining the battery and changing icons, to destroying all phone applications including SMS texting and web browsing. The worst of them all can cause financial harm to the user by making expensive unauthorized international phone calls or sending SMS messages resulting in a large phone bill at the end of the month.

You may have heard about a recent mobile virus (more technically referred to as JavaMite file: Trojan-SMS.J2ME.GameSat.a) that targeted handsets in Indonesia to successfully override their handsets to transfer money from their mobile banking accounts. This was the first documented JavaMite attack that has been recorded, but unfortunately due to its success will not be the last of its kind.

Supported Platforms

• RIM Blackberry
• Android
• Symbian
• Windows Mobile

Key Features

• Powerful anti-virus & anti-spyware detection & removal
• Remote lock & wipe for lost & stolen devices
• Remote backup of personal data with easy restore to new devices
• Remote GPS locate to find lost & stolen phones
• Anti-spam & firewall filters to eliminate unwanted messages

Email Monitoring
Lets you keep your kids safe by monitoring all incoming and outgoing emails from their mobile phone. It helps you identify cyber predators and cyber bullies who may be tormenting your children.

SMS/MMS Monitoring
Enables you to protect your kids by checking incoming and outgoing text and multimedia messages. You can ensure that they are not sending or receiving content that may be inappropriate.

Voice Call Logs
Keep you informed about your child's phone activity. You can check who they've been talking to and call durations. If you discover suspicious activity, you can warn your kid and keep them protected from predators.

Picture Viewer
Helps you check your kid's phone for inappropriate or embarrassing photos that may be intentionally or unintentionally transmitted online.

GPS Integration
Allows you to locate your phone quickly and accurately. If you have CA Mobile Security installed on a kid's phone, you can trace their exact location from their phone. The GPS feature is invaluable in recovering a lost or stolen handset.

Contact Check
Lets you see who is on your kid's list of contacts and take appropriate action if you find someone who seems suspicious.

Anti-Virus Plus, Anti-Spyware
Keeps your phone protected against the latest malware. CA Mobile Security offers advanced heuristic detection and up-to-the-minute definitions to combat increasingly malicious mobile viruses and spyware.

Voice & Text Spam Shield
Filters unsolicited communication and keeps you protected against irritating text and voice spam.

Intelligent Firewall
Scans and blocks intrusion attempts to guard your privacy. CA Mobile Security's intelligent firewall can automatically distinguish malicious program behavior from routine incoming and outgoing signals, so you can be safe without changing the way you use your mobile phone.

Stealth Protection
Lets you monitor your kids without them knowing. CA Mobile Security runs silently on your child's phone, keeping you aware of their mobile activity. They can't change or delete the application, so you can let your kids be kids and still have peace of mind.

Mobile Security Threats

• 4 billion mobile phone users globally*
• 1.2 billion mobile phone sold in 2009**
• Highest volume consumer electronic device
• Mobile phone makers have opened their once tightly controlled operating platforms to third parties to develop new applications that often link to the public internet
• Mobile phones now used as an internet access device by 15% of US consumers, and by 25% of the young adult population***

*Source: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,PRC.
**Source: Gartner.
*** Source: Forrester Research

System Specifications

  • Supported Processors
    • 250Mhz or faster
  • Hard Drive Requirement
    • 65MB hard drive space or larger
  • Supported Platforms
    • Windows Mobile 6.0 or higher
    • Blackberry 4.0 or higher
    • Google Android 1.5 or higher
    • Symbian Series 60 - 3rd edition or higher
  • Internet
    • Mobile data plan required

FREE Installation & Configuration for all CA Products
CA is continually updating its software to provide an enhanced user experience. When you purchase CA software, you will automatically receive the latest upgrades available to the software completely free of charge. Call 1-800-839-425.

FREE Unlimited CA Software Support
Simply call 1-800-839-425 for free professional installation and support of your CA product.

The scope of support includes:
  • Fresh installation of a CA product
  • Errors/problems during CA product installation/un-installation
  • CA Configuration related issues
  • Update related issues for CA product
  • Error message/alert for CA Product
  • CA Product blocking software/games/websites
  • Post installation issues with CA Product
  • Post installation performance issues with CA Product
Call 1-800-839-425 for Free Professional Installation and Support

Spyware & Virus Submission
Customers can submit virus samples directly to CA for analysis. Users with a suspicious file can submit that file directly to CA's in-house system, which is designed specifically to handle virus submissions and is monitored 24x7 by our team of anti-virus researchers.

Suspect files are quickly classified, reducing the time it takes to get virus samples from the public domain to our antivirus labs. After submission, the system can automatically send email responses to let users know virus test results almost immediately.

To view the submission form, visit:
» Virus/Spyware Sample Submission

CA Global Security Advisor
The CA Global Security Advisor serves as a rich, up-to-the-minute resource, containing detailed information on viruses, spyware, and PC vulnerabilities, as well as valuable documentation on the implementation of comprehensive anti-virus and anti-spyware protection. The CA Global Security Advisor team monitors and responds to global virus, spyware, and other Internet threats around the clock, to defend against the damaging effects of virus outbreaks and spyware infestation.

For more information, visit:
» Security Site

The researchers on the CA Global Security Advisor team also publish a blog that covers a wide range of topics related to Internet security, including the latest on trends in malware and in-depth information on specific threats and vulnerabilities.

To access the blog, visit:
» Blog

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a virus?
A. A computer virus is a form of malicious software - also referred to as "malware" (derived from the combination of the words malicious, and software). The forms of malware that anti-virus products commonly protect against include:

Viruses - a small program that attaches itself to another program or document, and replicates with the potential to cause damage.

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